The academic session of 1st year BDS students in BBD College of Dental Sciences, Lucknow, commenced on 9th January 2023. The new BDS students and parents were welcomed by the Principal, Dr. Puneet Ahuja, Basic Sciences HODs and the Academic Coordinator of the BDS 1st year.

The orientation program was conducted on 9th January 2023 which started with a formal tour of the dental college premises including all departments, patient OPDs, Laboratories, Lecture Theatres and Library to familiarize the BDS  students with all the dental and basic sciences departments and their respective HODs.

The formal Orientation Program was conducted in LT 1 from 11.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. The orientation began with a welcome and brief introduction of BBD University and BBD College of Dental Sciences by the Academic Co-ordinator, Dr Priya Singh. This was followed by the college report by Principal while welcoming all Students and parents  to the BBD family.

All Heads of the departments of Basic Sciences were introduced by the Principal and the HODs  also welcomed the BDS 1st years along with a brief introduction of their respective departments, curriculum & examination pattern.

This was followed by a presentation by the Principal in which the students and their parents were briefed about the academic guidelines, curriculum and rules and regulations of Babu Banarasi Das College of Dental Sciences, Babu Banarasi Das University. The presentation concluded with the emphasis on the certain guidelines which the students were advised to follow diligently to achieve professional and personal success in life.

The Orientation Program was followed by refreshments arranged for the parents and students and their parents along with interaction with the faculty members and managing various queries of the students and their parents.

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