Brief Description of Event:
World Radiography Day is observed on November 8th every year. The day honours the professionals in the field of radiography and highlights their crucial contribution to the healthcare society. It marks the discovery of x-radiation by Sir Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895. The theme for World Radiography Day 2023 is ‘Celebrating patient safety’. The theme focuses on the vital responsibility of healthcare professionals in safeguarding the health and safety of patients.

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology also celebrated the day to commemorate the discovery of X-radiation by Sir Wilhem Conrad Roentgen. The program was conducted on 8th November 2023 in the Radiology Section of Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, BBD College of Dental Sciences from 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

The program began with the Dr. Deepak U, HOD Department of OMR Welcoming Principal BBDCODS, other faculty members and postgraduate & undergraduate students. The significance of the day and the theme was further elaborated by Dr. Priya Singh, Reader in the department. She advised the students to judicially decide for the different radiographic modalities to avoid unwarranted exposure to the patients and the radiographic personnel. Following this Principal BBDCODS, Dr. Puneet Ahuja congratulated the department for conducting the awareness program for the students and he too guided the students further on the measures to keep the exposure to X-radiation to minimal.

An e-poster competition was also kept for final years and interns and poster making assignment for the postgraduates. The topic for final year e-poster competition was kept as Evolution of Radiology and for interns it was kept as Radiation Protection. Numerous entries were obtained and on the basis of presentation few best posters were announced by Dr. Saurabh Srivastava, Reader in the department. The winning certificates were given to the winners by Principal, Dr. Puneet Ahuja. At the end Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Puja Rai, Sr. Lecturer in the department; where she extended her gratitude to Principal, faculty members and all the students of BBDCODS who had participated in the program with full enthusiasm.

The program concluded with a cake cutting ceremony by Dr. Puneet Ahuja, HOD and all the faculty members of Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology.